Wednesday, December 12, 2007

underwater photographer and neil young, neil young

i saw that Melanie Schiff is going to be in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. i'm interested in how artists become Art Stars. and when i say "interested," i mean "skeptical," and when i say—aw just kidding. i love that stuff actually.

and i have to admit, i love Melanie Schiff's stuff that i've seen so far—including the striking canoe photos in installation view that the Year In Pictures posted from the NADA Art Fair in Miami.

i think that Melanie is the subject in both of these photographs (which have great titles), and i think she has friends release the shutter for her, which adds some interesting and complicated layers of photographer/artist/subject. (/Art Star?)

(see more at Kavi Gupta Gallery)


Hugh Ryan said...

They had a whole contest on some channel called "Art Star." That's how you do it, natch.

Dan Lipsitt said...
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Dan Lipsitt said...

Here's a whole bunch of pictures of people holding up album sleeves to their heads. Some of them are pretty funny.