Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the pine float

"The Pine Float" is the title of Miranda Lehman's website, ghostinthewoods.com and I'm not totally sure why. but i like the sound of it (no wonder—it's also the name of a song on the Twin Peaks soundtrack...). the images above are from Set 1 on her site and there's something about their storytelling that caught my eye. i wanted to post all four of this small set because together they seem to form a sketch of a short story to me in just a few images. they're definitely fashioning fiction in some way, with their own language and symbols—and sense of a strange, dreamlike, twilight adventure. (another set has some great tropical foreboding stuff.)

i found Miranda's work while looking through the portfolios of the young artists who make up Fjord, a new collective dreamed up by Grant Willing and Alana Celii. Fjord's raison d'être is to showcase the portfolios of emerging photographers working in the internet idiom (if you will) and ultimately publish a book of their work. it's a fairly large group of photographers under 30, lots of them in their teens and early twenties. and it makes for an interesting survey of the some of the dominant themes, trends, concerns and visions of a new generation of image-makers. (i was interested to see the play between the people in the deadpan-style camp vs. the Ryan McGinley-esque youthful highjinx camp.) i imagine i'll probably be coming back to these folks again as i think about new ideas in portraiture.


Hugh Ryan said...

I remember you mentioning something to me the other day about anti-portraiture. These would definitely seem to qualify. Do you think she's trying to signify dreams, by having most of the people with eyes closed (or at least not visible) and prone? That's how I read the first one at least.

Subjectify said...

yeah, dreams or visions of people who are both outside and inside... the logic definitely seems like dream-logic. i like the pink orb.