Monday, December 17, 2007

dancing in the desert to 'you are so damn hot' by OK Go

i am a fan of long, ridiculous, amazing titles in all forms of media. the title of this photo by Dutch photographer Katja Mater leads me to see it as a portrait where i might not otherwise. as such, i read it as a portrait in motion: fleeting, prismatic, fun, irreverent, postmodern, thought-provoking. the setting almost makes you see the dancing figure(s) as some sort of natural phenomenon, like a form of mystical desert lights or effluvia.

it's also a very beautiful piece. it would be cool to see a jumbo Art Star sized print of it (on my wall). i first saw Katja Mater's work on iheartphotograph happy birthday iheart.

(you can see more of Mater's work at her site or at Higher Pictures Gallery)

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