Monday, December 24, 2007

doride, speaking heart and doride, reading nature

it seems like everyone's been writing about Howard Schatz's new book H20 lately, but i thought i would feature some different underwater portraiture. these are by Italian artist Maura Biava, as part of a joint project with Dutch photographer Elspeth Diederix. they're from the series Doride/Ultramarine in which both artists pursued underwater photography projects together from 2000 - 2005.

Doride is a fictional character created by Biava; the photos above are from a series about language. Underwater, "words change into forms, objects; they appear as an enigmatic code. Doride’s words function as symbols. The meaning of the spoken word can only be interpreted by means of visual substantiation." interesting! i tried to read more about it, but mostly it's in Dutch. i recommend checking out Diederix's newer work too.

(found via FFFFOUND!)

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