Sunday, December 9, 2007

my boyfriend is only interested in his wheels (more than in me)

Linda-Maria Birbeck has said of her subjects: "What is the difference between them and me and why do people (including myself) constantly take the same decisions even though the consequences of them are long known?"

her series, Hot Wheels, shows girlfriends left sitting in their boyfriends' cars during American car shows in the Netherlands... what is the difference between them and me? i don't know.

(seen at Witzenhausen Gallery)


Linda-Maria said...

The comment "what is the diffrence between them and me" is a part of an intervieuw (photography profile) and has nothing to do with the girls in the cars. The part Hot Wheels is about the car portraits.
Linda-Maria Birbeck.

subjectify said...

thanks so much for your comment -- i couldn't tell from the gallery's site if your artist statement was specifically about Hot Wheels or not. i've edited the post.