Tuesday, December 11, 2007

tp and untitled (grace)

these two images are by different photographers; i found both of them on Flickr. the photo of TP is from a project called Traceurs by Ben Anderson, about British Parkour groups. the untitled photo of Grace is by "sweet distin" on Flickr.

i love the way both of these portraits capture something about young adolescence; be it a tense impishness or more of a pained unimpressedness (or bershon?). they both hit it for me.


Hugh Ryan said...

that boy is SO british. frighteningly so.

subjectify said...

woah--i just caught up your blog and saw that we both posted about parkour (kinda) within a day of each other. cool.

Hugh Ryan said...

i know. crazy. we're totally in sync. :) now lets start parkour training!