Saturday, December 8, 2007

brontez and precenia

the photos above are Brontez / San Francisco, California, and Precenia / Pensacola, Florida, by Mike Brodie, a.k.a. the Polaroid Kidd.

when I first saw Mike Brodie's polaroids in SeeSaw Magazine, i emailed them to a couple of my friends that i thought would like them. one responded that he knew Mike Brodie and several of his subjects from the Miss Rockaway Armada (which rafted down the Mississippi), and my other friend emailed back to say that he knew Brontez (above), from his days as a DJ in San Francisco.

i'm interested in exploring the interaction between the subject, the photographer, and the viewer, so my experience of this project definitely captured me from that perspective...

(see more at M + B Gallery)

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