Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lady into fox update

i wanted to report back on my earlier post about Katy Grannan's gallery shows. i went to see Lady into Fox at Salon 94 Freemans a few saturdays ago (after a delicious brunch at the otherwise intimidating Freemans restaurant). i loved the gallery, which was small but empty and nestled into the Lower East Side's little Freeman Alley—it felt a little bit like another world. and the show was really cool.

the big prints looked beautiful, the color palette was creamy and cool, and the series really fit together.

the photo above stole the show.

(have you been to any awesome NYC gallery shows lately? let me know!)


Billy-Bob said...

I can tell you now, that the Lucas Samaras Show was the worst I have seen in a while (Pace Wildenstein)

subjectify said...

thanks for the tip! it was...chairs, right?

Mike Wood said...

lovely image. I wish I was in New York to see some of these shows you talk about.