Friday, February 29, 2008


i was looking through Humble Arts curator Jon Feinstein's portrait portfolio, and of the images in his Friends & Family series, this photo of "Rebecca" really grabbed me.

isn't it beautiful? i asked Jon about the photo and the subject, and he told me that he often finds it challenging when a subject is feeling uncomfortable or awkward in front of the lens. "This was one of the first portraits," he says, "where I was able to use that to my advantage to make a captivating picture that dove a bit deeper into the subject."

i think that really comes across here. it's a great shot.

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colin pantall said...

The awkwardness translates as something else that comes through her look - it doesn't look like she's acting/putting on a being-photographed persona which the others do. I like that one and the one of Inge with the severe haircut.