Monday, February 11, 2008

all my life i have had the same dream

i'd seen Will Steacy's post-Katrina photographs before, but i only just saw his portraits for the first time. they're really good.

Steacy says his series "All My Life I Have Had the Same Dream" is about people's life dreams and their failed dreams, and the intimate moments in which those old dreams come up to the surface. in his project statement he writes that "the subjects and spaces in each image reveal their souls to the camera as a visual narrative unfolds that can only be felt and understood by looking."

this sort of language rubs me the wrong way. i guess i'm not one for revealing your soul to the camera...for me, it sounds a bit reminiscent of clich├ęs like 'photographs steal your soul' or 'eyes are the windows to the soul,' or reminds me again of literal attempts to poke at the metaphor of the photograph—like spirit photography.

but yet, there's definitely something here that we're all grasping at: what are we capturing when we capture the subject? how do we express it?

maybe in this case the images are enough. they are beautiful.

check them out here. Steacy also has an eclectic blog.

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