Friday, February 8, 2008

the in-between

i appreciate Angie Buckley's pinhole series "the in-between" because it's a fairly simple idea that seems fresh and unique in execution.

in this series the photographic process and the meaning are closely intertwined: "The dreamy quality of the pinhole camera distorts the sense of scale of the landscape and the dioramas....Cutting out various shapes of figures or objects and placing them in front of the photograph from which they came makes it seem as if they have stepped out of time to confront the viewer. The duplication of characters is similar to the retelling of the stories and the open silhouette holes are analogous to the vacant cultural histories of the displaced."

i like the added bit of knowing that the shapes being cut out are placed in front of a scene they previously inhabited, or in which they were photographed. in that sense they become even stronger as portraits, to me.

the images above are titled "dedicated" and "will." (for more on what she means about cultural history and displacement, check out the rest of her statement.)

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