Thursday, February 7, 2008

to enter a world of ‘copying’ is an extremely fragile environment

i saw the above image on i heart photograph and it stopped me in my virtual tracks. it's by artist Veronika Spierenburg, from her series "fake DVD."

it took me a minute to figure out what it reminded me of — subjectify's logo! (but way cooler.) however, "fake DVD" is more than just a picture of a pixelated black and white guy with his eyes obscured... i appreciate the brevity of her project statement enormously and so will share it in its entirety:

"To enter a world of ‘copying’ is an extremely fragile environment. Being in China and seeing a whole entire mass of reproduction of existing western products, is for poor people a paradise, for rich people a shock. I refreshed my knowledge of films with buying the cheap illegal copies. Through the errors on the DVD, ‘the persistence of vision’ is interrupted and reveals a visual puzzle of stacked frames. Soon I realized this fast consumption of low quality open up a new direction of seeing the aesthetic in art."

hm. cool. and i think the "fast consumption of low quality" can apply to a lot of things these days. (including our daily bandying about of lowish-res images on these here photography blogs.)

but even in this fragile environment, we shall take these pleasures for what they are — and hopefully appreciate the way they broaden our vision.

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