Tuesday, January 15, 2008

lady into fox and another woman who died in her sleep. together they are: the westerns

Katy Grannan has two projects showing in New York galleries right now: Lady Into Fox (above top is "Dale, Pacifica (I)") and Another Woman Who Died in Her Sleep (above, "Nicole, Sunnydale Ave. (II)"). you know i love long, difficult, or thought-provoking titles, and i love these titles (and the projects themselves). even more interesting, the two projects have now been combined as The Westerns.

Both projects follow people Grannan has met since her move to San Francisco. Lady Into Fox (which shares a name with the 1922 novel, and furthermore reminds me of the terrific album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood by Neko Case...) explores the lives of best friends Dale and Gail, middle-aged transsexuals whose "experience in the world is mediated by romantic escapism and willful delusion" per Salon 94 Freeman's exhibition statement. the images themselves are pure Katy Grannan to me -- no one can put a person on the ground like this woman.

Another Woman Who Died in her sleep follows the separate story of a "elusive and complicated" woman named Nicole. the image above of Nicole is absolutely haunting. it's at Greenberg van Doren.

together, the two projects have been re-envisioned as The Westerns: an exploration of the mythology of the sunshiney West and the personal reinvention that it offers, in which Grannan's subjects are "new pioneers" struggling to define themselves. more on that here. it works, i think.

there's an interview with Grannan on Style.com here and another slightly older interview on Artkrush.

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