Wednesday, January 23, 2008

photographers without websites: dash snow

another photographer who came to mind for this theme week is Dash Snow (he's also a graffiti, collage & installation artist, and a muse to Ryan McGinley—who does have a website).

as New York Magazine put it in the opening of their much-discussed profile of Snow: "The artist Dash Snow rammed a screwdriver into his buzzer the other day. He has no phone. He doesn’t use e-mail. So now, if you want to speak to him, you have to go by his apartment on Bowery and yell up."

there you have it. i don't think he'll be commissioning a personal website anytime soon. but luckily, his gallery, his friends, and Gawker have got him covered. and he seems to have no shortage of interesting subjects in his life doing crazy things.

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