Thursday, January 31, 2008

inward bound

i wanted to follow up on Esther Teichmann's series Viscosity with some new work of hers. i saw the project Inward Bound posted up on her page at the University of Brighton, where she lectures.

i suppose it's no surprise that these caught my eye, because i've been noticing that images of the human form confronting representations of the natural environment pop up again and again in the projects that i post here on Subjectify.

in these photographs, that confrontation is pretty direct. the title "Inward Bound" lends the project an air of introspection or philosophical nature-loving — it comes off as a bit New Agey to me, but in absense of an artist's statement i'm not sure how she is envisioning the project. i wonder if the photos would be perceived differently with a different title (the thorny Question of project titles raises its head again...).

i wouldn't be surprised if some of the subjects above are the same ones featured in Viscosity and her more recent project Silently Mirrored. from what i've seen of Teichmann's work, she is keen on revisiting themes of memory, family and loss—and she believes in getting deep under her subjects' skin.

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