Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i just saw this quote on Exposure Project.

"I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum." 
—Claes Oldenburg, 1961

love it.  i want to see a contemporary photograph that is full on political-erotical-mystical.  (all three.  not just two!)  

what have you got for me, internets?

here are just a few that i think nail two, but not all three categories:


(Miranda Lehman)
(Hanna Liden)


(David Wojnarowicz, from Rimbaud in New York: not a fresh, contemporary image, but still so amazing.)

(Jen Smith, quoting Catherine Opie.  Opie's work would fall into this category for me as well.  actually, a lot of work falls into the category of 'political-erotical,' but not all of it moves me especially...)


(can mystical and political co-exist?  they often repel each other.  but i think this one fits the bill, by Guillaume Herbaut, from the Asgarda series.)

please send thoughts my way!  you get to define the terms however you wish.


colin pantall said...

Christine Keeler by Lewis Morley in a commercial-literal sort of way, or the Polish Venus by Rineke Dijkstra but then you could put almost any category in and I'd say that. Rankin's Tony Blair portrait in a very strange and pervy self-loving kind of way...

Those are a bit rubbish suggestions, but there must be loads loads more.

colin pantall said...

Just about anything from Mikhailov's Case History - there's something mystical going on there I think.

Rachel Marsden said...

What about the work of Australian artist Ray Cook? I can't decide if he fits into all three categories at once in an obvious way but he definitely is close.