Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i was looking through Jody Rogac's portfolio and was arrested by this one image, "Ben."  very striking stuff.  i think it would be cool to see a whole project of similar portraits.

Rogac also does a lot of editorial work.  on her site, the portrait of Ben was paired with one of Miki, which i also enjoyed, but felt that it's prettiness was just sort of too pretty.  what do you think?


dmitry belyakov said...

Well i think that's why they go together well. This is indeed very striking.

brea said...

wow. some beautiful portraits on her site! I agree with dmitry that as a pair the image transcends prettiness, or at least there is a purpose for the prettiness beyond aesthetic pleasure.

Thomas said...

Hey. This picture of Miki reminds me (oddly) of an Ansel Adams quote that revisits me on a regular basis, and always unexpectedly. It was his recognition/realization that he was the only person around at a special moment when "God wanted someone to make a picture". I have made so many pictures that are completely unlike my more deliberate images, and it's just because I couldn't refuse an opportunity that only I was present for. I am not a religious person, but I (optimistically) always carry a camera. When a moment such a this presents itself and all it takes is to focus, frame and release the shutter, why wouldn't you?

There's an interesting sort of role playing in this pairing as well. The orientation of woman/earth and man/sky is compellingly reversed... t

Anonymous said...

Great find!