Monday, October 20, 2008

like every day

i was looking at some work by contemporary Iranian photographers and came across the project "Like Every Day," by Shadi Ghadirian. i really love these photographs. i think they balance political commentary with visual interest well, with a dash of surrealism and without being cloying. tall order.

and as a bonus, i really enjoy the reflection of Ghadirian in the top image's teapot as an additional mirror on muslim women and the subject in photography.

i also find her project statements refreshing. she says of her work:
"I am a woman and I live in Iran. I am a photographer and this is the only thing I know how to do. It does not make a difference to me what place the Iranian woman has in the world because I am sure no one knows much about it...

It was very natural that after marriage, vacuum cleaners and pots and pans find their way into my photographs; a woman with a different look, a woman who no matter in what part of the world she is living, still has these kinds of apprehensions. "
you can see more work by Shadi Ghadirian and other artists on the website of Houston's DeSantos Gallery.


orocofati said...

Really nice blog!

Suzanne Revy said...

I love the humor in these, and they also remind me a little of the work of Lalla Essaydi. A subject echo?

Thanks for the link.

Hugh Ryan said...

these definitely count as political-mystical, i think. and almost erotical. she could go there.