Friday, October 17, 2008

meat after meat joy

since i am a fan of Pinar Yolacan's meat portraits, i am hoping to check out the show "Meat After Meat Joy" at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery.

i like this quotation from the gallery's statement:
"If the flesh disturbs you, then the reality behind the issue would disturb you far more if we opened our eyes long enough to see it. We live in a culture disconnected from what it is doing to itself and others, we choose to ignore rather than deal with the reality we have created for ourselves."  –  Adam Brandejs

a bit more abstractly, curator Heide Harty adds:
"The distorted, damaged, deformed body as depicted in modern and contemporary art is an obvious metaphor for the deformation of the soul, if you will, of the fact that we are all born human and that few of us die terribly human, a sort of Rousseauian perspective.  Reducing the body to meat or having humans interact with meat or even avowing the meat-substrate of the living body is a way of addressing the typical deformation of people through any number of social and political processes, not to mention the simpler ones of family, love, rivalry, hatred, etc."

(what was the original "Meat Joy"? more info here.)

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Anonymous said...

these are terribly disturbing and beautiful.