Tuesday, August 5, 2008

james cooper's underwater images

i happened across James Cooper's work on Tiny Vices and got a kick out of it. he seems to have a very specific world that he is documenting, and i enjoy the persistence of his vision.

Cooper lives in the Bahamas and mainly shoots digital underwater photographs.

He says of his work: "I have a hard time putting words to my pictures, they are on one level very personal in that they are reflections of my own experiences, and yet once they become 'public' I want for them to be very open ended and universal. I actually try super hard not to over analyze my work, which helps me to just be responsive to my own ideas."

there's even a mini subject echo for me here (with Maura Biava):

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Jordache said...

wow these images are great! what an awesome rnadom find your blog has been for me today. Keep up the great work!