Monday, August 4, 2008

notes on soth

1) just feel it! this is my favorite image so far from Alec Soth's exploration of China in "The Eagle and the Dragon." the project contrasts the rise of China (including a feature on the Olympics) with the decline of middle America.

for more, check out the Telegraph's series of articles. (however, i have to say, the scan that appears on is a bit of a mess. [click the image to see larger.] dust spots, hair, scratches?)

2) how did i miss A Photo Editor's interview with Alec Soth about his erstwhile blog? (gee, it's only the 4th Google hit for Alec Soth's name right now.)
APE: Your blog is still cited as one of the best on photography and you’ve not made a post in almost a year. Do you think any photographers will come around and usurp your title?
Soth: Of course. I’m sure it has already happened.
sigh. well, no, it hasn't, really. (has it?) this is sort of an insincere exchange, but also makes you ponder.

3) not sure if y'all caught this special profile on Alec Soth's former cover subject, Charles Erie, in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, but it's a doozy. i'll sum up:
"While Erie has had some fun with his famous picture, he feels queasy about his image circulating the globe and strangers making assumptions about him.... Like Native Americans and the Amish, he’ll be very suspicious the next time a photographer drives up to the house. Crazy Horse, who allegedly never allowed his picture to be taken, once explained this mistrust by saying, “My friend, why should you wish me to shorten my life by taking from me my shadow?”"

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