Thursday, June 12, 2008


i just checked out Jodie Vicenta Jacobson's work. i was surprised i hadn't seen it before. she's a Brooklyn-based photographer and curator.

her latest project (including the middle two pictures, above) is called Hint. funnily enough, i'm having a hard time getting a grasp on what it's all about.

the Wild Project's statement about Hint says:

"Making pictures involving diverse subject matter, the artist’s thoughtful treatment of tender fruits, illuminated shadows and entangled limbs reveals a sensual, poetic sensibility. In Peaches, nestled between pillows, two luminous fruits touch, encircled by a curved spectrum of refracted light. The image communicates how a chance phenomenon can be transformed to evoke beauty’s dark side...Jacobson’s instinctual images give the impression of a deeply felt personal experience infused with a quiet appreciation of the darkness, hidden sensuality, and grandeur of the natural world."

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