Friday, April 25, 2008

subject echo: in rainbows

i suppose there is something i could say about the proliferation of prismisms in photography as a reflection on the process of bending light through glass to create color images.

but really, ooh rainbows! and prisms!

(photos from top: Hannah Whittaker, Davin Youngs, Davin Youngs, Melanie Schiff, Melanie Schiff, Peter Coffin)

update: here are a few more rainbows from Ofer Wolberger and Wolfgang Tillmans:


Davin Risk said...

Here's my contribution to the prismatic club from a few years back: said...

great post! Ofer's photo is actually up for sale right now on the Humble Arts Foundation website. Edition of 10, 11x14, at $275. Super cheap! said...

oh also: Talia Chetrit has some interesting rainbow/ prism related work: