Thursday, April 3, 2008

shooting yourself

i love getting submissions, so please keep sending them. this project is a little different for Subjectify: Aaron Hobson creates digital, panoramic, fictionalized scenes, starring himself. they have that CinemaScope look, and indeed, he calls himself the cinemascapist. most have an ambiguous sketch toward a (semi-autobiographical) horror plot contained in the single image, with Hobson often doubling himself into two subjects.

it's interesting because i think that digital photography, digital video, and the move toward HDR and CGI in both, are bringing photography and film closer together than ever. the second photo above, "Baggage," looks especially to me like a still from a video game. Hobson says of shooting himself: "I find I'm too shy or timid to shoot or direct others, but in the end that has helped me more than hurt me."

he also has a blog titled "I shot myself, they did too."

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