Monday, April 14, 2008

kids on bikes (part two)

i got great feedback on my last post about finding a more contemporary match for one of my favorite Evelyn Hofer photographs: a melancholy image of an Irish girl on a bike. thanks for sending me your ideas and your own work.

Nick in London sent me some thoughtful powerpoint slides showing his thought-process in building a collection of photographic prints (his own subject-echoes). he found that he was collecting images that fit under the category of "people obsessed with guns," and that one of the images in his collection is a perfect fit for my kids with bikes theme: from Bill Owens's 1972 series "Suburbia."

other readers submitted photos of kids on bikes from their own archives. Mike Peters sent me this link to a photo he took in 1986 of a neighbor named Angela with her bike, from back when he "used to walk around town with a 4x5 over my shoulder." (that's hardcore!)

finally, Peter Bohler sent me the below photograph he took at dusk in Oregon a couple years ago. (i recommend clicking on the full-size view to see the girl's expression.) he muses that his subject also seems a little melancholy, and wonders "if it is inherent to the process of a stranger interrupting a child at play." good point! i hadn't thought of that. i like the photo a lot as an environmental portrait:

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another kid on a bike by Simen Johan: