Monday, June 30, 2008

the oracle @ wifi

i am a great fan of divination. the free interpretation of visual symbols—cards, tea leaves, palms, entrails—has long provided a safe and figurative framework for analyzing the events happening around us or the emotions inside of us.

the "Oracle @ WiFi" by Beth Lilly is both an interactive art project and also a system of divination, in the manner of the I Ching or tarot cards. when Beth-as-Oracle receives a call from a client, she takes three photos of her surroundings and emails them to the caller. then the caller emails her back with what their original question was.

the results are some fun and sometimes thought-provoking juxtapositions. i picked a few that i liked above that also integrated portraiture. they are called "what will the earth be like in 50 years?" and "when will i finally make some money?" (click to see each bigger, Blogger does not love horizontal images.)

if you would like a reading yourself, here are Beth's instructions. on the 7th day of each month (just like the original Oracle at Delphi):

"If you'd like to participate...

1. Write down your question so it's clear in your mind.
2. Call my cell phone at 404-805-5431
3. Keep your question secret!
4. I'll take 3 images at random and email them to you.
5. You reply back with your question"
(seen via lensculture)

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