Monday, September 8, 2008


i recently saw a self-portrait by Amy Montali in PDN's gallery announcements--it captured my imagination especially because i immediately fancied it a queer image, despite the fact that it only showed a figure's white back in a darkened room.  but tantalizingly enough, i can't find the image online, and Amy does not have a website or a lot of web presence (which is kind of refreshing!).

so, instead, please enjoy the above images by Amy.  i really like the work of hers that i've seen so far.  the third photograph, above, is called "september," and i enjoy the naughty puzzle of its composition. and after spending yesterday afternoon in my Brooklyn garden, the september leaves and drooping flowers feel just right to me.

if you are in Boston, check out Amy Montali's work at Gallery Kayafas, september 5 - october 11.  there is also some more info about her work here.  

and, of course, this is my favorite part of her artist's statement: 
"Left unchecked I fall in love with the images of my subjects. I stare at people and consume them by photographing. Maybe this is problematic, but I grew up molested by movies and TV. The media reached into my visual panties long before I was old enough to make informed decisions. Now I too prowl around in the dark."
Amy, you can reach into my visual panties any day.  so feel free to send more work this way!

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