Friday, September 12, 2008

alessandra sanguinetti: the life that came

i was excited to see Alessandra Sanguinetti's "The Life that Came," since it is a continuation of her wonderful project "The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams," about two cousins growing up together on their family's farm in Argentina.

i expected to love the new work, and, although the images are lovely, i didn't really love them. i think maybe this is purely an emotional response--and that the new photographs made me sad. maybe in my mind i let Guille and Belinda stay as floating symbols, with the freedom of dress up, smell the flowers, gender play, swim all day, and generally run around in their underwear. it's nice to see their closeness continue. but it was harder than i expected to see them grow up.

i'd be curious if anyone else had a similar reaction.

you can check out "The Life That Came" on Women in Photography and in real life at Yossi Milo Gallery. the artist's reception is tonight, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

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Cassandra said...

thank you so very much for sharing this link. so beautiful and inspiring.