Thursday, March 13, 2008

transgression, hunter, tilda

i flipped through the latest issue of OUT Magazine today at my office, and i was pretty impressed by the photographs—which i guess i don't usually pay too much attention to in OUT or similar mags. i don't know if it was the fact that it was a gender-transgression themed issue that gave the portraiture that extra frisson... but with David Armstrong shooting Tilda Swinton, Ryan Pfluger shooting an article on trans fags ("Hunter" above, top), and Cass Bird doing her take on the fashion spread, you can't go wrong. three great photographers!

i'd seen some of Ryan Pfluger's personal projects, and i think i enjoy his editorial work just as much. he also has a blog.

and i have such a crush on Cass Bird. inexplicably, you can see her do a Michael Jackson dance routine here.

p.s. in the OUT interview with Tilda Swinton, she mentions being up all night shooting with Nan Goldin. and the accompanying photographs are by Goldin's longtime collaborator David Armstrong. strange, right? any Goldin photos of Tilda out there?


Hugh Ryan said...

Hey, bring that issue home. I want to read it!

Anonymous said...

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