Friday, March 28, 2008

these are my pictures (dot com)

when i first scrolled through Davin Youngs's portfolio on Fjord, i first noticed the photographs that seemed to my eye a little underexposed, a little blurry, or maybe a little generic. but the top photo, "Mary Floats," pricked me enough that i wanted to go back and look at more. i've seen a lot of photos lately of people floating in the water, but this one had a tweak on the perspective that i enjoyed, and that somehow makes you feel like the photographer has drifted pretty far out to sea.

when i went to Youngs's own site—found at the awesome URL—i started to feel that the photos with odd exposure or blur are coming out of an intentional persistence in documenting things no matter the lighting situation, which i liked more when seen in a larger context.

these three photos are from his project "Between Me and We," which has a few well-executed anti-portraiture staples, as well as the cool prism self-portrait above. (is it just me, or are the rainbows the studium and the nipple the punctum?)

overall, there is a lot up on his website, and i think the portfolios could be edited down to be a bit more focused. but then, these are his pictures, dot com, so i suppose, in the spirit of the project, i should take them as they are.

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RexFlex said...

Where is the barometer for the proliferation of this abundant supply of reverse engineered narratives? The exponential degree of recognition that this will require to administer the herding of this genre into usable categories and the distinctions along with the parameters necessary to render metrics and definitive descriptions are in my opinion, daunting. It's like shooting a shotgun and assigning value to each pellet. Sincerely, Rex Flex