Monday, July 26, 2010

subject echo: that pensive gaze

when i saw the top image (taken by Jocelyn Lee) of Dr. Rachael Phelps in a New York Times Magazine article on "The New Abortion Providers" it brought to mind Hellen van Meene's photograph of another gazing lady.

the photo pair gives me the uncanny thought of van Meene's teenage subjectwith her blond curls, set mouth, baroque hand gestures, and her expressive and introspective gazegrowing out of her awkward adolescence (van Meene's specialty) and into the visual role of the calm and caring doctor.

in the Times article, Dr. Phelps speaks about how chronic pain she experienced as an adolescent girl is what led her to her path as a doctor at Planned Parenthood.

i think you can see the deep feeling we associate with adolescence transform into empathyon the part of both the subject and the viewerin the images above.


Anonymous said...

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RSA Online said...

I totally thought it was the same person for a second there.

AC said...

Very interesting work. A bit painterly, a bit pathological.