Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Amy Stein's blog offered an answer to my recent questions about female self-portrait projects that explore nudity and questions about the subject while featuring diverse body sizes and perspectives.  

i really enjoyed looking through Jen Davis' portfolio and her self-portrait series.  there are so many images that i enjoyed (though, at 44 photos, it could be edited down and focused a bit more for the web--that said, i think the breadth helped me understand the project more fully).  the project does include several photos that directly address body image and self-esteem, which was at first a turnoff for me--i'd like to see one that doesn't some day--but they are also honest and fit in well with the overall piece.

also check out Jen Davis' project "I Ask in Exchange," featuring some pretty intense portraits of different men.  Amy Stein comments: "You can definitely sense a strong female gaze in the images."

please keep sending more links my way.


Elizabeth Fleming said...

Well Amy beat me to it, I was also going to suggest Jen Davis. I think her work is quite incredible.

Anonymous said...

Edited down for the web? Funny you should suggest that. That proposition is exactly the primary problem with the act of reviewing contemporary photogrpahy right now. The feeding of the insatiable appeitie of people's entitlement mentality to be provided with an unlimited amount of the vien of gold is napalm. I commend your editing, however don't you think that we ALL could live with 3 images of every endevor and if we were told that no more were available, wouldn't that increase the value of those that exist for review? Wouldn't that allow us as viewers to really concentrate on the exact sympathy of the artist more effectively? Wouldn't that be the polite thing to do?
Is there really that much space in our brains for the lesser effective parts of a selection?
What's wrong with a series of just one?
Why are we as viewers entitled to more than one, simply nothing but the purest of the fabricator's intention?scottRexEly

Marge said...

I loved Jen Davis's photos!! They are so real. So much feeling. I get it.

eda said...


Paperface said...

I loved the self portraits. They really moved me. Thank you for suggesting the series.

Honey Goddess said...

I loved her site...totally enamoured.

Callen Diaries said...

I love the photo of her in front of the burger van! Brilliant with bare honesty and humour!

Kitty said...

the jen davis self portrait series is stirring. really interesting... took a turn for the Madonna vignette in W earlier this spring. i'm not quite sure what to make of the last few pics, particularly the shower scene. is she disgraced? was she assaulted? i'm afraid i need even more of them to tell!

KirstenJK said...

wow!!! Loved the picture of the person on the scales. simple and yet moving!!!