Tuesday, January 27, 2009


on sunday, i went to the International Center of Photography to see Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now. i am not an adept viewer of fashion photography, but i was drawn to an editorial menswear feature called Princeton--that turned out to be photographed by artist Collier Schorr. i really enjoy Schorr's work and was interested to see that that spark translated to fashion layouts as well. just like in her fine art endeavors, she is great at drawing something special out of the idea of men-as-subjects (and as objects of desire).

downstairs at ICP, there was a small exhibit on Hungarian photographer Martin Munkacsi, which included this image (installation view from my phone):

which in turn reminded me of Schorr's project The Wrestlers:

here's what she has to say about it:
"There never seems to be a wide range of emotional definitions of men. And I think in wrestling you really see so many different emotions, so many different reactions and interactions... A theme of twinship has always run through my work, of people that look alike. And that was another reason I was drawn to wrestling because I feel like wrestlers look a certain way... I can just tell a wrestler. And I’ve grown to love that face. And so I’m looking for guys that fit that pattern. I’m looking for this tribe of people."

p.s. in a stroke of kismet, Molly Landreth just blogged about "the lines of tribe" and relating it to Collier Schorr's take on capturing tribes, from Schorr's interview with the great PBS series Art21. view the synchronicity here.


Hugh Ryan said...

is anyone else reminded of the late-90s abercrombie & fitch catalogues?

subjectify said...

here you go.

Abercrombie Wrestling Ad #1

Abercrombie Wrestling Ad #2

michael said...

i was actually in the running to be in that ad around 96.They said maybe a football ad also but i was a wrestler not a football player.Not a model either girlfriend sent a picture in and i didnt find out till they responded i was shocked lol.