Monday, November 24, 2008


reader Jake Stangel sent me his work a while back: his new project "Transamerica" was shot while he biked across the country--with a 4x5 field camera in tow. impressive.

two of my favorite portraits from the body of work are above. you can check out more on his site, including a new project about surfers.

he says of the journey:
"I wanted to know what life was like between New York City and LA. Between here and there exists an entirely different world I knew nothing about, but very earnestly wanted to understand and experience. And what I found was an interconnected network of communities big and small, full of compassionate, authentic, different-minded people, each representing a divergent way of living life as an American. I aimed to capture a cross-section of these individuals and societies in an unadulterated and compassionate fashion."
his take on traveling through America reminds me a bit of the book Travels with Charley, which i read recently. (if only Steinbeck had photographed his trip in 1960!)

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