Thursday, May 15, 2008

remaining in light

seeing the announcement for the Remain in Light photo project reminded me how much i enjoyed former PDN 30 photographer Debora Mittelstaedt's work. she's from Germany, but now lives and works in Brooklyn.

i love the nostalgic vibe, the color saturation...
the top image also has this Pre-Raphaelite quality both in the appearance of the female subject and in how deeply the characters are interacting with each other in their scene.

i also like the dreamlike ambiguity of her approach to image making. she says "I have a certain vision of that place -- the place becomes magic for me and is emotionally charged and so are the people who live there. I follow a story, which I make up, and search for things to fit into it."

her website is here.

there's still an exciting (to me!) theme still coming up soon on Subjectify... in the meantime, please keep sending me great stuff to look at. i've been enjoying all the submissions, and plan to post up some reader work soon as well.

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